What I Wore: Galantis


When I was deciding what to wear to the Galantis concert, I ran into a picture of this hot girl on Pinterest wearing a top similar to this.  The top I'm wearing is actually a scarf I bought from a boutique in Tucson, AZ.  I've mixed and matched it a lot as a tube top, scarf and now a mermaid type of feel top.  It shows a lot of skin in the back but still in a classy way - at least for an EDM rave. 

What you do: Wrap it around your neck as if you're putting a scarf on. Cross it, making sure the fabric is thick, apparent and covering everything.  Last, tie it in a knot in the back as delicately and pretty as you can.

The tight, bodycon flared pants are from Zara I bought back when living in Chicago during the Winter/Spring of 2017.  I believe AKIRA has a similar pair in stores now and for cheaper!