If You Can't Buy it, Rent It

Weekender szn is coming up! No one wants to go to Vegas for a weekender and wear the same old dresses and skirts they wear out every weekend at school. Weekenders and Vegas in general scream SOMETHING NEW! I was personally broke when this season rolled around last year, so I was forced to rent this dress and let me tell you - it was the best decision I ever made. I knew in my head I wanted something a little sparkly and a lot sexy. I really wanted to get a designer dress, but with my budget there was just no way. I'm 20 years old for God's sake! You can find this little number here. By the way, I ordered the smallest size possible and still had to tuck up the bottom of it to make it shorter. LA Stylist is definitely my favorite site for renting clothes, but a close second is Rent The Runway.