Golden Birthday

  Photos taken by: Tamar Hill

Photos taken by: Tamar Hill

I turned 22 years old on the 22nd, so my mind was set on buying a gold dress for my Golden Bday. We're in college, just trying to have a little fun with our outfit choices. 

When I came across this dress and I was immediately like yes, this is the one. The brand name for this dress is Honey Punch. This dress was sold at Pitaya but is no longer available online. I'm sure if you type in Honey Punch Gold Antique Maxi Dress, you'd find it. Definitely on eBay. 

I decided to do an outfit change because if I wore that beautiful gold dress to Sports, it'd be destroyed within the first five minutes. This romper was perfect because it was cute but still a little cheeky. I bought this romper for $25 here.

How to make the bottle


bottle of Cooks, J. Roget, or Chandon (all $20 or less)
sand paper
mod podge spray
gold glitter
(all supplies minus the champagne can be bought at Hobby Lobby)


Step 1: scratch any area you want to sprinkle glitter down with sandpaper, you want to get it really rough, so it's easier for the glitter to stick and stay.

Step 2: spray mod podge on a little section of one side of the bottle at a time. next, gently sprinkle the gold glitter. I personally like to use my fingers to sprinkle the glitter, so it evens out easier and honestly looks better. I apologize for this possibly being a messy project. 

Step 3: turn the bottle, spray a little section of one side again and glitter. repeat, repeat, repeat.

Thank you to everyone who made it special<3