DIY Trash Bag Dress by BK

I don't really know why anyone would need to know how to make a trash bag dress, but it just might come in handy one day?! Greek life is huge at my school, so themed parties tend to happen regularly with the crowd I hang out with. This theme was "White Trash Wedding" so I figured I would literally wear trash. I wanted to make it with the white trash bags, but they were way too small. 

Making the top

  1. Take one large black trash bag and cut where the sides and bottom are connected. You are going to use the two sides of the trash bag.
  2. Cut out 2-3 long strips of the trash bag (about 2 1/2 ft long and 4 inches thick).
  3. Those pieces will lay around your neck and connect to the front of the skirt- leaving the entire back open and showing off the deep V in the front.

Making the skirt

  1. Take another trash bag and cut it out the same way as step 1 above.
  2. Lay the two sides on top of each other (so you don't have to cut it twice and so the material isn't see through or light in weight). Then cut off the corners. This will make a circle.
  3. Cut a small hole in the middle about the size of small bowl. Then stretch that hole in every direction until you can fit it over your waist. This makes the skirt. 

Putting it together

  1. Lay the long pieces of trash bag around your neck like I mentioned above.
  2. Pull it tight and spread out them out width-wise so your girlies don't fall out!
  3. In order for it to be completely tight you may want to staple it to the top of the skirt or just tuck it into really tight spandex, that's what I did.

All done!