BK's dinner out with parents outfit

So I've recently noticed that I don't own a lot of "family appropriate" attire. Whenever I go out to eat with my boyfriends family or my friend's families I have trouble trying to find something that isn't too showy, yet still holds a certain level of class. I forget where I bought this shirt exactly, but I am sure someone could find it by typing in a few key words on Google. The shorts I bought from Urban Outfitters in 8th grade... still reppin' them 6 years later. The shoes I bought not too long ago at Nordstrom in the Free People section- definitely still there. I am a freak for shoes so I don't mind spending a little more money than usual on them. Plus I've never seen shoes like this before where the wood heel is engraved. I put the picture of the jewelry up with it honestly just because it makes the outfit and the setting I decided to display for the pictures!