Mood for each Destiny's Child song

Their voices are like water... rain. So soothing, so pure with a gospel touch. I live for everything they did for me when I was younger and still do for me as I grow into a woman. Destiny's Child invented harmonizing. And I have yet to see anyone do it better. They are the queens of R&B. I don't think you understand how therapeutic their music is. 

Boyfriend cheated on you - If

Unhealthy, abusive relationship - Through With Love

When your best friend needs you - Girl

Your boyfriend number 2 - Temptation

When you wear the pants in the relationship - Bills, Bills, Bills

Freshly single - Free

Suspicious of your boyfriend - Say My Name

Hanging with the bad boys - Soldier 

Killing it with your girls - Bootylicious, Lose My Breath, Say My Name, Soldier

For your haters, ex-friends - So good, Survivor

Wanna be sexy for your man - Cater 2 U

Madly in love with your man - Love, Dangerously In Love

In a relationship for years - Brown eyes

Feminist - Independent Woman, Pt. 1

New fling- T-shirt, No, No, No...

The other woman - Is She The Reason

Done giving him another chance - Bad Habit

I don't want you back - Now that she's gone