Mood for each Destiny's Child song

Their voices are like water... rain. So soothing, so pure with a gospel touch. I live for everything they did for me when I was younger and still do for me as I grow into a woman. Destiny's Child invented harmonizing. And I have yet to see anyone do it better. They are the queens of R&B. I don't think you understand how therapeutic their music is. 

Boyfriend cheated on you - If

Unhealthy, abusive relationship - Through With Love

When your best friend needs you - Girl

Your boyfriend number 2 - Temptation

When you wear the pants in the relationship - Bills, Bills, Bills

Freshly single - Free

Suspicious of your boyfriend - Say My Name

Hanging with the bad boys - Soldier 

Killing it with your girls - Bootylicious, Lose My Breath, Say My Name, Soldier

For your haters, ex-friends - So good, Survivor

Wanna be sexy for your man - Cater 2 U

Madly in love with your man - Love, Dangerously In Love

In a relationship for years - Brown eyes

Feminist - Independent Woman, Pt. 1

New fling- T-shirt, No, No, No...

The other woman - Is She The Reason

Done giving him another chance - Bad Habit

I don't want you back - Now that she's gone


Steve Jobs

"Name one genius that ain't crazy" - Kanye West x Feedback 

If I could describe Steve Jobs to you, it would exactly be what Kanye said - crazy genius. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computers in his family garage and was the CEO of Apple. He is the innovator of the Macbook, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Steve Jobs forever changed the world we live in because of his revolutionary inventions. 

Random but interesting: 
Kanye West is a huge fan of Steve Jobs. Kanye mentions Steve Jobs in two of his songs on Life of Pablo. In a 2013 interview for The New York Times, Kanye said, "I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means. I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period. By a long jump." Additionally, to celebrate his wife's birthday, Kanye rented out an entire movie theater for a private screening for Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs

When I get on my Steve Jobs, somebody gon’ get fired
— Kanye West x No More Parties in L.A.
Awesome, Steve Jobs mixed with Steve Austin
— Kanye West x Feedback

One Monday night, I devoted myself to sitting down and watching movies. This meant cell phone on airplane mode and no distractions. Steve Jobs is our Albert Einstein, our Ben Franklin of our generation. Steve Jobs is epic. I hope he inspires you to be the dopest version of yourself... to have more ambition... to make a difference.

Quotes from Documentary 

"Coach lands on the runway at exactly the same time as first class"

"You didn't have seconds. You had three weeks. The universe was created in a third of that time"

"I'm surrounded by enemies"

"Don't criticize what you can't understand"

"I sat in a garage and invented the future because artists lead and hacks ask for a show of hands"

"As long as you have control, I don't understand why people give it up"

"I'm indifferent to whether they dislike me"

"The two most significant events of the 20th century... the allies win the war, and this."

"Even if that were true, it doesn't sound that diabolical to me"

"Think Different"

marketing majors - for you
September 23, 1997

Beyonce's Impact

One of my vivid childhood memories with Brooke was on our flight to UCA Nationals in 2004,  singing Destiny Child's “Soldier” playing on XM radio.  
Not only has Beyonce changed the mentality of women, but motivates by her drive and persona.

Her Drive

Beyoncé is the most influential female artist of our time. Some even refer to her as the Michael Jackson of our era. I don't know if that's pushing it but... she's epic. In the beginning, Beyoncé was dropped from her first record label that signed her and her girl group. Amazed when I discovered this. Someone was actually lame enough not to realize how dope Beyoncé was. What I take from this and what is extremely evident regarding Beyoncé and her fortune is that success is a process. Everyone starts at the bottom. Now, every time Beyoncé puts something new out, it's always the top of headlines. Everything she touches turns to gold. I strive to want that..have that. I strive to have her mentality. I will always want more for myself. Like what is the next opportunity? What is the next step? Get out there, stop being lazy, stay hungry.

Her Normalcy

Beyoncé announced on Oprah's Next Chapter she had a miscarriage. Millions go through that experience, but considering she's 100p in the limelight makes it a thousand times harder. In the interview, she elaborates how it was the hardest thing she'd ever been through and how the miscarriage is a huge part of her story. Her song "Heaven" is dedicated to her miscarriage. For an entire year, Beyoncé let go of the high life and traveled. Maybe this was her version of a healing process. Her documentary Year of 4 (which is located at the bottom of this story) is amazing as it shows her journey. She is portrayed with such humility and grace. It depicts her down to earth personality and her boss-like mentality.  She appreciates the little things in life.


Her Persona

Beyoncé portrays herself to the public in such a poise, low-key way. Even if her life may be falling apart, she handles it with class. For instance, the incident on the elevator. Beyoncé doesn't react. She doesn't let the world see her true anger. She holds everything in. Beyoncé is a boss and her main objective in life is to be a legend. Beyoncé is smart enough to realize succeeding professionally and leaving her mark as she sings in "I Was Here" is more important than anything else (besides of course, taking care of Blue Ivy, her beloved daughter). Beyoncé is always changing her image. From Destiny's Child to Lemonade, she has evolved entirely. It's okay for people to change. Changing means you're growing... improving yourself for the better. 

Her Stand

Beyoncé expresses her strong opinions as a feminist but still manages to date a boss. I feel like this should be highly taken into consideration in any future relationships. Like Beyoncé says, "Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone's wife." This is crucial... In this century, why are you still relying on a man to take care of you. I get all the nice little things men do for us women, such as opening doors, handling house/car problems, dropping us off at the front door as they park. But it's no secret divorce rates are on the rise. It sucks to say that out loud, but you should not rely on someone to take care of you anymore. Evolution is real. Times are changing. You have to grind and have your own. Bey constantly preaches about women being their own bosses, making their own money, relying on ourselves entirely. 

Year of 4