Elysian (adj.) 
beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect

Hi & welcome to Elysian. This blog was started in the gentle mist of late spring 2016, capturing everything inspiring on our college campuses. Elysian is solely a platform to inspire other girls who can relate to life through our lens. It's a forum of independent, passionate, creative thinkers. We strive on thinking differently and not being afraid to elaborate on it.

The goal is to move our viewers, either through our words, photos, or music. We pride ourselves on having a bad-ass mentality with a sweet side. 

I do not own all pictures on this blog.  
We just wanted to share photos we thought were dope to our friends.   



Hi: ) I'm Katherine.  I was raised in Noblesville, Indiana. Constantly striving to be a diverse person with an open mind. I'm a wild soul with a huge heart. I feel like I’m changing every day as a person. I am currently the event planner for a small yet very big start up company called The Cake Bake Shop.

"Don't criticize what you can't understand"  -Steve Jobs