Elysian (adj.) 
beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect

Hi & welcome to Elysian. This blog was started in the gentle mist of late spring 2016, capturing everything inspiring on our college campuses. Elysian is solely a platform to inspire other girls who can relate to life through our lens. It's a forum of independent, passionate, creative thinkers. We strive on thinking differently and not being afraid to elaborate on it.

The goal is to move our readers, either through our words, photos, or music. We  write on fashion, music, personal beliefs and global news we find interesting that influences our lives one way or another.  We pride ourselves on having a bad-ass mentality with a sweet side. 

We do not own all pictures on this blog.  
We just wanted to share photos we thought were dope to our friends.   



Hi: ) I'm Katherine.  I was raised in Noblesville, Indiana. I strive to be a diverse person with an open mind and some ambition. I'm a wild soul with a huge heart. I embrace almost anything in my surroundings. I don’t discriminate. I grew up watching Gossip Girl every Monday night when a new episode aired. Music is everything to me. It’s a way of life. I listen to music from Smooth Jazz, Hip Hop, to any tight songs I can find on Sound Cloud.  I spend the majority of my tech time finding inspiration on different platforms, reading news/articles on Twitter and LinkedIn, or watching old Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé live performances. 

"Don't criticize what you can't understand"  -Steve Jobs 


Hello, my name is Brooke- most people just call me BK. I am originally from Fishers, Indiana, but I am currently a student at the University of Arizona studying Graphic Design. I decided to experience college on the West coast and I could not have made a better decision. Choosing to go out of state for college has allowed me to grow into the person I always wanted to be. I am an outgoing, genuine, free spirit, who is a little trendy and can make small talk with anyone. I can literally have a conversation with anyone about anything, its actually freaky. I met the love of my life in Arizona and I am new to the relationship life, just trying to figure it out- still confused on when I'm supposed to pay or if I am supposed to hold his hand, but I am learning. One thing about me that everyone should know is that there really are no secrets to my life, I am as open as they come. My personality is straight up. I don't sugar coat anything for anyone, I tell it exactly like it is. Im a 'if you can't make a decision', I will for you, kind of girl. In 6th grade I went through a hard core grunge phase where all I listened to was All Time Low, A Day to Remember, and Mayday Parade. Turns out it wasn't just a phase.... Along with this type of music, I also enjoy EDM and I am heavy into the rap game. Right now, I am obsessed with watching Broad City and Wiz Kalaifa's Day-To-Days on Youtube. I online shop 24-7, usually just putting thousands of items in a cart and then starring at it for 5 days until it deletes out of my basket.

My goal of this blog is to entertain, inspire, and help people find themselves and their own unique style/beauty. Katie and I are very different. We hold different views on politics/society, we have completely different tastes in clothes, and we have different lifestyles. One thing we have in common is that we are each our own character- having very BIG, but different personalities.  Yet somehow, someway we mush really well together.